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Top 10 Dive Bars

Dive bars by definition must have certain qualities to fall into this category. When we speak of these spots that made it on our top 10, we speak of places where you will feel very safe but at the same time (1) the beer is so cheap that you think that you are in a 3rd world country (2) the jukebox serve so many of those crazy sing along tunes that you may feel that they are playing your recently burned mix cd (3) the patrons who visit are so colorful that you get a nostalgic feeling and expect Norm from Cheers to walk in any day now. Yes we are talking about unique bars ideal for the fourth or fith date.

The Dive Bar (10)

732 Amsterdam Ave , New York , NY , 10025: (212) 749-4358

Doc Holliday’s (9)

141 Avenue A, New York, NY: (212) 979-0312

Karma Bar & Restaurant (8)

51 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003: 212-677-3160

Home Sweet Home (7)

131 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002: (212) 226-5708

Moto (6)

349 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY: (718) 599-6895

Niagara (5)

112 Avenue A (@ 7 Street) New York, NY: (212) 420-9517

No Idea Bar (4)

30 East 20th Street, New York, NY: 212-777-0100

Chumley (3)

86 Belford Street, New York, NY: (212) 675-4449

Bellevue Bar (2)

538 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10018: (212) 760-0660

Decibel (1)

240 E 9th Street, New York, NY 10003: (212) 979-2733

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Romantic Date Ideas!

Living in New York can be such a pleasant and wonderful experience. New York City has the reputation of being the Mecca and cultural capital of the world. Love and courtship in New York flourishes like no other. There is absolutely no other place on Earth where a guy can impress a girl by wining and dining her on practically every cultural dish ever known to mankind (ok I'm exaggerating here but cut me a break). So I think if you been reading between the lines that you are getting the picture. New York City is filled with little relaxing get away spots read more...