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Jennifer says:

I met this guy on an online dating service last summer, I'll just call him Steve. I had just turned 19, and I had just completed my first year as an undergrad and I did not know that many people in my college. I looked at his profile and he was really cute, he looked about five or six years older than me. He stated that he was 28 and single. I liked the fact that he worked out and had a killer body. Anyways, we spoke a lot online and then we proceeded to talk on the phone. He had a real sexy voice, and we sometimes spoke for hours and hours on the phone.

Eventually after one month of phone chat, he got the courage to ask me out on a date. He took me to this really classy and expensive restaurant in Soho and I was TOTALLY impressed. After dinner he took me to Battery Park in downtown Manhattan, and we talked and just walked around looking at the ocean, wow that is such a romantic place to take a date, especially at night. Anyways, then he took me home and the date ended with us making out in his car.

We continue to see each for the the rest of the summer before school started. I registered for my classes and then school began. On the first date back in school, I went to my World Civ 101 course. As I stepped in the class room I saw Steve dressed up in a suit talking to one of my friends from last semester. This was really weird because Steve never mentioned that he went to my school, neither did I ever mention which school I attended. Anyways, I walked up to him and tried to greet him with a kiss, and he flat out rejected me and just pretended like I was not even in the room, I was so confused that I just burst into tears and went to the girls bathroom. I think I must have stayed there crying for about four hours. I called up my best friend and she was just as confused as I was and could not believed what just happened.

Anyways, after a week I dropped the class thinking that this jerk was going to be in it. I tried calling him on his cell phone and he had changed his number. I finally manage to reach him at his home number one day with a little detective work. His wife answered the phone and I told her I was a student of his and she passed him the phone. He was shocked that it was me and kept the conversation very brief. Anyways, after many sleepless nights, and ten pounds lighter, I was able to put all the pieces to this puzzle together. It turns out that this loser BESIDES being old enough to be my father, was married, AND was a professor in my school. So much for online dating huh? Needless to say, I did not take World Civ 101 with this all time LOSER!

Jan replies:

Don’t let that bother you at all! He’s the loser because he just doesn’t know what he loses and perhaps he will always be a loser since he just doesn’t appreciate and love his wife nor have any respect and value for his marriage. You are better off without someone like him!

Kelly replies:

OMG what a total loser. I'm so sorry to hear about this horrible experience Jennifer. I actually met my current boyfriend online. He actually wanted to meet me in person the first day that we met online. I always heard about not meeting anyone online but hey if I had followed that advise, I don't think I would be as happy as I am right now. Good luck everyone!

John says:

Hey a couple of my best buddies are in town this weekend and I was thinking of taking them to Cheeta Club on 12 W. 21st Street. Has anyone heard of this place? Is it a good place to go to on a Saturday night or any other night for that matter?

Josh replies:

Yeah I been to the Cheeta club, I mean is ok, nothing to write home about. What exactly are you looking for? Are you and your buddies just looking to hook up with some ladies or just have a good time out? I mean for the cover they charge at Cheeta, I would just hit a local lounge like Remy or something like that if you just want to have some fun, but that is just me...

Dave says:

Hi I'm looking for female opinions on this issue. So I went out on a date last night with Tina. I met her about 2 weeks ago on the bus one day after coming home from work. (by the way, I do have a car just in case someone is wondering) So I took her out to eat and then to a movie. The thing that is bothering me is that I can't figure out if she is into me. During the whole date, I did not see any clear signs that told me she likes me other than agreeing to the date. Ladies, do you give us guys like any clear signs that you like us or I'm I totally misreading this whole dating thing?

Carlos replies:

Hey Dave, I'm not a girl, but it seems to me that you are being a little dramatic. Dude stop over analyzing this chick. Just take a chill pill and enjoy the ride. (no pun intended) Make sure that you do not give off the impression that you like her more than she likes you because if she even gets a wift of it then is a wrap for you my friend. Act like you don't care and I bet that she be showing you more signs that they have on a Braille pad.

Amanda replies:

I'm sorry to say this but if you have to ask, then she is not digging you! I like to call it as I see it.


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Romantic Date Ideas!

Living in New York can be such a pleasant and wonderful experience. New York City has the reputation of being the Mecca and cultural capital of the world. Love and courtship in New York flourishes like no other. There is absolutely no other place on Earth where a guy can impress a girl by wining and dining her on practically every cultural dish ever known to mankind (ok I'm exaggerating here but cut me a break). So I think if you been reading between the lines that you are getting the picture. New York City is filled with little relaxing get away spots read more...